Club Rules

Failure to follow all rules could result in injury, death, imprisonment or expulsion from the club.

  1. Membership cards must be provided upon request to any club member.
  2. Eye and Ear protection must be worn at the firing line.
  3. Every bullet must impact the berm.
  4. Targets must be either on the rails or on frames in front of the berm.
  5. No glass targets.
  6. No alcoholic drinks on the property.
  7. Keep firearms pointed down range.  All firearms must be in a safe condition unless they are being fired. 
  8. No handling weapons or magazines at the firing line while people are down range.
  9. No more that 10 rounds loaded at time except during approved matches.
  10. No fully automatic weapons allowed.
  11. Leave the range cleaner than you found it.
  12. The gate combination is not to be shared with non-club members.  The gate at the highway is to be closed and locked at all times except during club sanctioned events.
  13. Members may bring guests to promote the sport and the club.  Repeat guests are welcome 2 times but are encouraged to become BCGC members to help support the facilities used.
  14. Members and Guests must sign the log book in the clubhouse.

The rules are posted in the BCGC Clubhouse.